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Meet Charles Young.

At the age of 11, Charles began his life-long passion for writing by selling his short stories to family members and neighborhood friends. This group of people found it difficult to refuse his book sale at 25 cents a story. Charles has always loved writing both non-fiction and fiction pieces. He has always written for pleasure and enjoys hearing from those readers who have responded to his written words. In his own words,

“My true inspiration for writing comes from my desire to engage a reader, encourage his or her thoughts on a subject, and deliver a message concealed in an exciting and enjoyable story.”

Writer Charles Young is 71 years young and still practicing part-time as a healthcare provider. He still loves to treat his patients and assist them in their recovery process. His primary goal in medicine has always been to treat each and every patient as if he or she were a member of his family. Charles Young was raised in a loving home by parents who were both public school teachers. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and has lived there his entire life.

In his spare time, Charles is an avid club-level tennis player. Although he plays the game five to six times a week, the chances of his ever-turning pro are extremely slim! His best chance to experience a professional tennis tournament would definitely be to purchase a ticket! Charles also loves to play pickleball, swim, bike, and most of all, play with his 23-pound miniature Labradoodle, by the name of Henry.

Adventure traveling is also an enjoyable sideline interest. His areas of greatest thrills on these trips are always interacting with the people, their cultures, and the sensational sites of the locality. Some of his more recent travels include biking through Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, and southern Italy, touring Holland, Germany, Belgium, England, and sailing in the Virgin Islands.

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